“Leaders devoid of crucible experiences are likely to be overly confident about their ideas, and surprisingly more susceptible to fears. Courageously facing our fears in the difficult times gives us both humility and real confidence.” – Lee Ellis  

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Link - U.S. Air Force Public Affairs | Veterans in Blue Video Interview - Lee's Story

Link - CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin | Lee Ellis Responds to Trump Comments Re: McCain

Link - Fox and Friends - Fox News Channel | Former POW, Lee Ellis, Slams Writer Who Claims Flag is Racist

Link - C-SPAN | Q&A Interview with C-SPAN Founder, Brian Lamb

Link - Arise America | Bowe Bergdahl Back on Duty with Lee Ellis

Media Interview - Fox and Friends with Clayton Morris

CNN Newsroom - Live Interview

CBS This Morning - Interview

Alternate Link - CBS This Morning

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Alternate Link - ABC World News Interview

Lee Ellis - "Fox & Friends" - Fox News Channel

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Link - Lee Ellis Keynote Address - Recent Presentation

Link - InTouch with Dr Charles Stanley | Program Title: "The Price of Freedom"


Sample Interviews

Link - Fox and Friends - January 2013: Leading with Honor

Link - Leaders with Ginni Thomas: An Interview with Lee Ellis

Link - Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Link - Live with Megyn Kelly: Lee's Interview Regarding a CBS Apology

Link - Leading with Honor National Book Release Interview - Lee Ellis


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