"I define courage as doing what's right even when it doesn't feel natural and doesn't feel safe. Overcoming fears to do what we know is right--that's leading with honor." - Lee Ellis

Join the Courage Challenge!

We're creating a new culture of courageous leaders that seek to engage with those people around them instead of withdrawing or dominating. It's our goal to renew the authentic leader already inside you!

Here are the ways that you can join this movement -


1. Get the Courage Challenge Pocket Card (that displays the Leadership Engagement Model).

Get the Courage Challenge Pocket Card! When you're in a stressful leadership situation, this small yet invaluable tool will help you engage as a courageous leader.

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2. Take the Leading with Honor™ Discovery Report.

The first lesson in Leading with Honor is entitled "Know Yourself". Before the act of executing decisions in leadership and leading others, one foundational step in leadership is knowing who you are--your strengths, struggles, talents, and abilities that uniquely position you for fulfillment and success.

Lee has developed a FREE Leading with Honor Discovery Report to help you.

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3. Download the Leadership Freedom Checklist.

We've created this informative infographic to show the key differences between being in leadership bondage versus leadership freedom. Review this checklist to identify areas that still need growth.

Download this Infographic:

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4. Connect with Others in Our Communities.

Join our social communities, engage with other leaders, and encourage one another. Click any of the icons below:

5. Purchase Leading with Honor resources for personal development.

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