“Lies chip away at our freedom as individuals and as a society. Truth is the cornerstone for liberty, justice and a prosperous, free society. We should make it our highest priority."

– Lee Ellis

Leadership Engagement Model

If you heard Lee at a recent live event, he may have mentioned the Leadership Engagement Model™. Get a complimentary copy of this model on the Courage Challenge Pocket Card. Click to Learn More

Military Code of Conduct

This collection of six articles was created after the Korean War to serve as a guide for future prisoners of war, how to operate in a hostile environment, and ultimately a plan for returning home with honor after their capture.

Book Coaching Handouts

Included in the book are Coaching sections to apply the lesson that you've learned in each chapter.

We've provided two types of resources below:

- Digital handouts to help readers further implement the lessons taught in the book. They are free to use for individual or group development. Please make as many copies as needed.

- Select video clips are provided to watch individually, in a book club, or group training event. These raw video clips were filmed at a recent speaking event. 

Link - Video Clip (4 minutes)

Lesson 1 - Know Yourself

Lesson 2 - Guard Your Character

Lesson 3 - Stay Positive

Lesson 4 - Confront Your Doubts and Fears

Link - Video Clip (4 Minutes)

Lesson 5 - Fight to Win

Link - Video Clip (2.5 Minutes)

Lesson 6 - Bounce Back and Be Resilient

Link - Video Clip (4 Minutes)

Lesson 7 - Clarify and Build Your Culture

Link - Video Clip (4.5 Minutes)

Lesson 8 - Over-Communicate the Message

Link - Video Clip (1.5 Minutes)

Lesson 9 - Develop Your People

Lesson 10 - Balance Mission and People

Lesson 11 - Build Cohesive Teams

Link - Video Clip (2 Minutes)

Lesson 12 - Exploit Creativity

Lesson 13 - Treasure Your Trials and Celebrate Your Successes

Link - Video Clip (3.5 Minutes)

Lesson 14 - Free the Captives