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NEW ARTICLE: "Changing Your Mindset About Stinky Fish: Embracing Leadership Growth"

By Lee Ellis

The temptation is there for all us, but it’s easier to notice in others – “Why do they lead this organization the same old way? And why do they only see life from their myopic view?” The ability to break free from old mindsets and gain new ones is a valuable attribute—especially for leaders who find themselves thrown into paradox. And what does it have to do with stinky fish?? 

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NEW INFOGRAPHIC - "Find and Balance Your Leadership Tilt"

Lee surveyed hundreds of leaders about their greatest leader, and the most important natural behaviors beyond character and hard worker were Results and Relationships balance.

This new infographic from Leading with Honor helps you find your natural leadership tilt between results and relationships. Check out this neat tool, and please share with others –

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