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NEW ARTICLE: "Feel the Temptation to Stretch the Truth? 3 Ethical Guardrails to Keep You in the Right"

By Lee Ellis

You’ve just been presented with an opportunity to slightly bend the truth, withhold some key information, or potentially worse. “Not a problem for me, I’m an ethical person,” you say. Yet, we see this problem happening every day to people at every level in every profession.

These 3 steps can help us guard our character and be ethical in daily life –

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ANNNOUNCEMENT: Gathering of Eagles Honorary Recipient

Recently, Lee received another special honor in being selected as an “Eagle” in the Gathering of Eagles program at Maxwell Air Force Base. Over the last 30 years, notable Eagles such as "Chuck" Yeager, Neil Armstrong, George H.W. Bush, Jefferson Alexander, Elizabeth Strohfus and others have shared their stories as part of the GoE program. Lee shared his experiences and expertise share with current and future military leaders in an educational setting.

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