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New Article: "Freeing the Captives - How to Confront Your Personal Leadership Barriers (Part 1)"

By Lee Ellis |  I’m enthusiastically focused on helping people find the freedom and courage to grow by gaining freedom from the shackles that are holding them back. My observation and experience over the last forty years training hundreds of military and business leaders is that we all have mindsets, habits, and behaviors that inhibit our growth as individuals and leaders. We all need more freedom from these, and many of these shackles come from our feelings of insecurity.

Consider the two responses that cause us to get in our own way, restrict us from achieving our potential, and yield major external repercussions… 

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Recent Media Appearances and Interviews

With the release and swap of Afghan POW, Bowe Bergdahl, Lee made media appearances on several TV and Radio media outlets. Watch and listen to Lee’s perspective on the situation. Was it the right decision? What’s the best leadership decision in that scenario?

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Lee's Return to Vietnam 41 Years Later - Explore His Perspective

For the first time in over 40 years, Lee returned to the infamous Hanoi Hilton in March 2014. Read and view his perspective on this visit as well as his thoughts about life and leadership in America.

Read the extended human interest article in the top newspaper in Singapore, The Singapore Times/Strait Times Malaysia.

Read his new OpEd article in the San Antonio Express-News on his experience and the mix of anger and gratitude that he felt.

View photos from his speaking and visiting tour of the region as well as photos of his tour of the Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

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FreedomStar Media continues to expand the resources available to accompany Lee's latest book, Leading with Honor.

From wristband and reminder cards to group training resources, the leadership lessons learned from Lee's POW experience challenge all leaders to blaze a trail with character, courage, and competence.

Growing leaders and teams find that Lee's unique stories "stick" better than other leadership development resources.

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