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NEW ARTICLE: "4 Leadership Tactics to Conquer Fears and Doubts"

By Lee Ellis |

You’re in the midst of a situation or challenge that instills fear. What do you do? In the animal kingdom, fear produces a “fight or flight” response, and it’s true with people, too.

These four tactics might be just what is needed to help take your fearful thoughts and actions captive and reach new milestones –

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New Infographic - "How to Build a Culture of Courageous Leadership"

For leaders today, courageous leadership is the key solution for increased performance, morale, and getting results. More specifically, the foundation of successful leadership is actually courageous accountability.

This new infographic from Lee Ellis is a practical tool to understand the lack of accountability, the obstacles, the 4C’s of making accountability a regular part of honorable leadership.

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"The Paradox of Leadership and New Mindsets" - A 2017 Coaching Clip

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