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NEW ARTICLE: "7 Leadership Steps That You Need to Know on Keeping Your Promises"

By Lee Ellis

It’s easy to assume that we keep our word, but in reality it’s not that easy to keep promises consistently—especially to remember and keep the ones that aren’t as personally important to us. Even worse, we just decide it was a bad commitment that we should’ve never agreed to do, and now we want to ignore it instead respectfully declining or asking for relief.

How can your guard against broken promises and commitments? Learn and apply this list of 7 proven steps –

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ANNNOUNCEMENT: DAR Medal of Honor Recipient

Recently, the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) awarded Lee as a 2015 Medal of Honor Recipient for his lifelong contribution to helping preserve America’s freedom. Georgia First Lady, Sandra Deal (pictured in the photo with Lee and his wife, Mary) presented Lee with his award. Thanks for celebrating with us, and please learn more about this worthwhile organization!

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