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Four Superhero Ways to Show Courage in Leadership

What is your greatest fear in your work? What is the one thing that you don’t want others to know about you? If you don’t handle these nagging, fearful thoughts and feelings, then they will manifest unhealthy leadership attitudes like control and manipulation. Here are four superhero ways to show courage every day in your work –

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Lee's Return to Vietnam 41 Years Later - Explore His Perspective

For the first time in over 40 years, Lee returned to the infamous Hanoi Hilton in March 2014. Read and view his perspective on this visit as well as his thoughts about life and leadership in America.

Read his new OpEd article in the San Antonio Express-News on his experience and the mix of anger and gratitude that he felt.

View photos from his speaking and visiting tour of the region as well as photos of his tour of the Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

TV|VIDEO: New C-SPAN Interview on Q&A - A Must Watch

In this latest interview, Lee speaks with C-SPAN Co-Founder and Executive, Brian Lamb, on the network's most popular program, Q&A. What leadership lessons were learned during his experience? And, how can these lessons be adapted into everyday life and work?

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