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New Article: "Grasping the Freedom of Succession Planning – Leadership Lessons Learned"

By Lee Ellis | Did you ever notice how hard it is for leaders to plan for the time when you or one of your team members leaves the organization?

Succession planning is critical in leadership. Lee Ellis shares that in the POW camps of Vietnam, having clarity about who assumed command was a huge plus for their success and morale. Had the military not intentionally trained each officer, the outcome of their POW experience could have been very different—increased confusion, mixed messages, lack of unity, and greater loss of life.   

If you believe in the mission of your work and want it to continue, read this article

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What is America's International Leadership Role? Lee Shares His Perspective on Fox 5 News D.C.

Courageous POW Spouse/Leader, Phyllis Galanti, Passes Away – Read How She Led with Honor

Lee Ellis and FreedomStar Media are remembering the sacrificial work and labor of a noteworthy spouse and strategic leader in the release of Vietnam POWs over 40 years ago. Phyllis Galanti, wife of fellow Vietnam POW Paul Galanti USN (Ret), passed away on April 23, 2014 after complications related to her battle with leukemia, and her internment is in Washington D.C. this week.   

We’ve created a page describing her courageous work and life -

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Inforgraphic - "Six Ways to Avoid Career Blindspots"

What’s the saying, “What you don’t know, you don’t know”? Don’t be blind-sided by issues that can sidetrack your #career and leadership path.

Author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, has created a brief slide presentation on “Six Ways to Avoid Career Blindspots”.

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