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New Forbes Magazine Article - "4 Leadership Lessons From 1,955 Days As A POW"

Contributor Jeff Boss’ interview with Lee expands on the “4 Leadership Lessons From 1,955 Days As A POW”:

1. Accountability starts with you.

2. Take time to clarify.

3. Know what you stand for.

4. Earn your way to have a say.

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What’s Your Presidential Leadership Attitude?

After the presidential elections, how can we be a strong influence for honorable leadership with our family, children, friends, and colleagues? This presidential campaign was fraught with dishonorable behavior on all sides of the political spectrum, and unfortunately most of us have little control over the attitudes and actions of others.

Instead as leaders desiring to live with character, courage, and commitment, let’s personally choose today (and tomorrow) to live and work based on the 7 core behaviors in the Honor Code –

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NEW ARTICLE: "5 Emergency Solutions for Collaboration Challenges"

By Lee Ellis |

Why does it seem more challenging than ever to collaborate? As fantastic as technology can be, it can also bring more complexity, disconnectedness, and distraction to daily work life*. We have massive amounts of information at our fingertips, but the corresponding amount of collaboration must also increase. 

Lee offers 5 solutions to grow as an honorable leader in this area -

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